Kirk | All souls Church | Nashville, TN

“As a second-time church planter, I believed receiving training from Cherry Hills was unnecessary. In reality, it turned out to be a life-changing experience.”




“The residency at CHCC was healing. The amount of time Shane Farmer devoted to us in training and development as leaders and teachers was invaluable. The culture of the staff and presence of the Spirit were experiences we had never been a part of. I have researched residencies, and I seriously don’t think anyone is doing anything that comes close to this.”



Chris | Journey Point Church | Stapleton, CO

"The Thousand Church Network has been a great experience for me as a new church planter! Obviously resources are a vital part to successfully launching a new church plant, but the network of training has also been a huge asset. To walk hand-in-hand with church planters in my same stage, as well as learn from those that have experienced the peaks and valleys of church planting have furthered my development as a leader and church planter. I’m definitely grateful I made the decision to walk with the Thousand Church Network!"



Ricardo | New Creation Church | Chicago, IL

“Thousand Churches Network is the embodiment of what a church planter “needs”. World class instruction from exceptional church planting practitioners, digital technology utilized with instruction videos in harmony with face to face coaching, and the welcoming spirit of a loving congregation that has fully embraced the mission of church multiplication is above all irreplaceable. This is the kind of foundational experience that could spark a catalytic movement."



Mark | Reunion Church | Thousand Oaks, CA

"I have been blown away by the depth, community, resources and training received by being apart of the Thousand Churches Network.  I thought at first that this was too good to be true...but Shane and his team delivered some of the best experiences and training a planter could receive. I firmly believe that my involvement with this network has changed the course of my ministry. I'm telling you, you won't regret applying to be apart of the Thousand Churches Network!"

Our mission is to plant churches bursting at the seams in all directions; up in worship, down in discipleship, and out in mission.

                                              - Shane Farmer, Senior Pastor

                                              - Shane Farmer, Senior Pastor

Our goal is to plant a thousand churches around the world by 2050, with at least five hundred of those in North America. The location of the 1000 Churches church plants is largely driven by the calling of the church planter. We’re not targeting a geography as much as targeting supporting leaders with the right fit and chemistry to the network. In addition to our North American church planting tracks, we are also involved in planting in Europe, Indonesia, India and Nepal.


We have two tracks to support church planters planting in North America: a residency track and a boot camp track.

Track One: Residency

Residents spend three full months from February until the end of April on-site, full-time in a complete immersion experience.


Over the course of nine months, the Boot Camp planters spend one week at a time for four weeks total receiving the best curated church planter training from the most successful planters across the country.


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